Jenna went to the hairdressers for a fresh look. A month later, all her hair had fallen out.

The smell is the first thing you notice as you walk in. 

Minty, fruity and fresh. 

You’re more than happy to spend a few hours here because you leave like a new woman every time. You settle into the chair at the basin as the hairdresser gives you five minutes of bliss when she massages your scalp. 

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The colour goes on. You’re daydreaming about unveiling your new look at Christmas lunch. 

Your scalp stings a little, which you tell the hairdresser, but you don’t take it any further. Two hours later, you look in the mirror and you love what you see. But when you get home, clumps of hair begin to fall out. 

You let it go, not understanding what is going on. Maybe it’s your imagination? But, within a week you realise something is terribly wrong… and soon after, all your hair has fallen out. 

This is what happened to Jenna Nimmo seven years ago after a visit to the hairdresser. 

"Two weeks after my appointment, I remember feeling a bald spot on the back of my head and thinking that feels super smooth..." Jenna tells Mamamia

Soon after that, Jenna's hair started to fall out rapidly, and within a month it was almost gone completely. 

Jenna went to see her GP who diagnosed her with alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss from single or multiple areas of a person’s body, face or head.

In Jenna's case, the onset of her condition was triggered - but not caused by - the dye on her scalp, as well as other environmental factors. 

So, although she returned to the salon looking for answers, she knew it wasn't their fault. 

Jenna tried regrowth lotions she was prescribed by the doctor and others that she found online but nothing seemed to work. 

Eventually, she went to see a dermatologist in Southern Adelaide 

"She told me I'd never get my hair back and that I'd just have to deal with it," Jenna says. 

"I’ve never been so shattered in my life… you feel your heart getting pushed down into your stomach."


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After that, Jenna decided it was time to take back control. She no longer wanted to see clumps of hair wash down the drain each time she showered so she spoke to her partner Jake about having a shave party.

In front of a small group of family and friends, Jenna shaved her head - and then Jake took the razor, cutting off his own long hair in solidarity. 

Jake says it was an easy decision because he knew there was no way he could let his girlfriend go through this life-changing challenge on her own. 

"Jenna never mentioned that she wanted or needed me to do it, but I thought it was a good way to show my support," he tells Mamamia

Jenna and Jake. Image: Supplied. About 18 months after she started to lose her hair, Jenna and Jake decided to get married. While planning their wedding, Jenna experienced a small amount of hair regrowth, which she puts down to positive thinking and managing stress.

When the big day arrived in April 2015, Jenna had enough hair for a cute pixie haircut. 

But over the years - at times of stress such as being busy at work, having two children - Will, four, and Ayla, two, and the coronavirus pandemic, Jenna's hair has fallen out again.

She no longer wears wigs to work, however, and has explained to Will and Ayla why she is sometimes bald. 

A positive mindset has got her through this tough experience. 

"I really believe your mind is so powerful and it can really do some cool things," she says.

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