"My boyfriend's health obsessed family is starving me".

It’s polite to eat what you’re given when you’re a guest in someone’s home. But what happens when that person’s idea of lunch is nothing but peas with olive oil and vinegar?

That’s the predicament Reddit user Cupcaker-04 says she’s found herself in. After dating her 29-year-old boyfriend for three years, the 23-year-old temporarily moved in with her man and his family. The pair of them will move to their own place early next year, but until then, Cupcaker-04  is at the mercy of her host family and their weird eating habits. Or lack thereof.

Make no bones about it, Cupcaker-04 is bloody starving. Her boyfriend’s health-conscious mum serves minuscule portions of low calorie and frankly rather odd vegetable dishes and Cupcaker-04 is understandably hangry all the time.

She can’t stash food in her room because she relies on her boyfriend’s family to take her into the small town they live in. She can’t even call for a pizza. There is no Uber Eats. This is our literal nightmare.

health obsessed family
Lunch is peas with oil and vinegar and she can't even call for pizza.

She writes:  "I don't want to sound ungrateful because I appreciate staying here and I love his family, but lately this has all been affecting my mood and making me sad in ways I can't even explain. His family are very well off, and his mom is very health conscious but gives serving sizes fit for a toddler."


Cupcaker-04 is not kidding. Lunch consists of  "chickpeas and carrots," or "peas with olive oil and vinegar" (is that even a thing?) and dinner is a delicious "fried egg and salad." Worst of all, "his mum cooks with no salt". She points out that her boyfriend fills up on bread but being Asian,  Cupcaker-04  says she's not accustomed to eating bread with her meals.

"I'm constantly in a state of hunger," she laments. "I've cooked once in a while but usually my boyfriend has said his mum prefers cooking".

Eating out is even more of an ordeal. "Once a week they will go to a restaurant to eat. Everyone will eat one tapas (small plates), sometimes two, and we all go home. The other night I was still hungry so I ate some bread. my boyfriend got upset with me and said I shouldn't be a glutton. I'm always hungry and sad."

Cupcaker-04  finally broke down and admitted to her boyfriend that she was literally STARVING TO DEATH.  "I told my boyfriend how it was awkward for me... he said I could eat as much as I wanted but I can't explain this feeling I have inside me now."

Adding insult to injury, she was nothing but a gracious host when her boyfriend came to stay with her, and by gracious we mean she was always insisting he eat. "When my boyfriend came to visit me, he stayed at my family house for a month and I always made sure he wasn't hungry and we always gave him food and encouraged him to eat. So maybe I find it odd that I am always hungry here. I don't want to seem ungrateful but I can't help how I feel," she writes.

Once again, Cupcaker-04  stressed that she feels, "sluggish and sad" and doesn't know what to do since stashing food in her room isn't really an option.

"I have even considered keeping chips/biscuits in the bedroom to eat in private. But we are in a very small village of 4000 people. Here nobody walks so I also can't walk around to get myself food. One time my boyfriend was getting groceries so I went with him and got biscuits and things to keep in the room."

Someone help the poor girl. She's HUNGRY AND SAD. We are hungry and sad just hearing this story. Is this a hostage situation? Should we start a Go Fund Me to get this girl some emergency nuggets delivered to her village?

What would you do faced with this nightmarish scenario where peas with vinegar is the only thing on the menu for lunch? We are praying for you Cupcaker-04. May January come quickly.