A woman asked for advice about her husband putting her down. One response has gone viral.


A heartfelt piece of relationship advice has struck a chord with men and women worldwide, after a young woman shared her struggles with her partner on social news and discussion site, Reddit.

The 21-year-old posted about her boyfriend’s comments on her appearance, when a widower with the username EndlessEnds gave her some beautiful words to live by.

In a post titled “I’m losing weight but my partner is still giving me a hard time about my appearance,” the woman explained that her boyfriend often made negative remarks about her weight.

EndlessEnds’ emotional response was probably not what she expected to receive.

“I am an old man now, and my wife is gone,” he wrote.

“She was the most beautiful woman I have ever known, inside and out… but she often struggled to see that.”

He went on to recall how his wife had “started dieting and working out extensively”, and said one of his biggest regrets was that he had “made her feel less than beautiful” at times throughout their relationship.

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“It still hurts me to think of the days and months where she was eating less in the hopes that I’d love her more,” he wrote. “It makes me angry at myself.”

But it was his final words that resonated with Reddit users (and now us):

“I think you should let [your boyfriend] know how this makes you feel. If he loves you, I think he would be horrified to realise what his words do to you. If he does not realise that, you need to feed your soul a better diet.”

Feed your soul a better diet.

Is that not the most poetic, and important, piece of advice you’ve ever read?

A number of readers agreed, with one posting: “Your post is incredibly valuable for women whose partners disrespect them… because it helps them realise that there are people out there that care and want their partners to feel good.”

“Your post has reminded me to really think about how I can be a better partner,” said another, while one wrote: “Listen to this man. He just explained the difference between constructive dieting and self-destructive behaviour.”

See – the internet isn’t always a place full of harsh words, trolls and feuding.