This 9-year-old Australian Muslim girl's essay on Donald Trump will break your heart.

Like many teachers across the world this week, Australian primary school teacher Jessica Biggs decided to take some time out from class to speak to her year four class about the US election results.

But while the Melbourne woman knew that explaining the implications of Trump’s win was important, she wasn’t prepared for the impact the chat would have on one of her nine-year-old students.

“We were talking about the election during circle time because a lot of the kids in the schools, a lot of them are Muslim, and they are quite tuned in to what’s going on,” she told

“Afterwards we were doing some writing and this one girl seemed to be concentrating really hard on what she was doing. Then she brought that up to me, and I was just amazed by what she had written.”

What she had written was an essay called “Bad Donald Trump”, and Ms Biggs was so moved by the words that she felt compelled to share it with the world.

“Donald Trump is a really bad person,” the essay began. “He is racist and he made my teacher cry.

“It makes me sad because I am Muslim myself and he does not respect us and women.”

“People that voted made a really big mistake,” it continued.

“Hillary Clinton that [sic] was supposed to win president. She is not racist, a very good person. She would include both men and women, which is fair,” she wrote.

“I wish Hillary Clinton was the president and my teacher would have cried tears of joy.”

Jessica Biggs. Image: Facebook.

Ms Biggs was hugely impressed by her students' grasp of the issue, telling, "That was really powerful for a nine-year-old to just get it, and to see it so clearly."

If there's one thing that's become very clear in the fallout from Trump's election, it's that hope for the future lies in our younger generation, and in students like this one.

She might not know much about global politics, but she knows what's important: Kindness, acceptance and love.