Watch: 'Oops, I Did it Again' without music is bizarrely amazing.

It’s basically a lot of leather and hand movements.

There’s a weird new trend circling the Internet: music-less music videos.

The concept is very simple – you remove the music from music videos and wet your pants laughing at how odd the end result is. We are aware of how silly that sounds, but stay with us…

It’s one whole minute of moves like this.

Strangely, surprisingly, bizarrely, it’s actually kind of brilliant.

The latest video to undergo the ‘music-less music videos’ treatment is Britney Spears’ 2000 hit, ‘Oops! I Did it Again’.

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Take away the catchy melody and what are you left with? A whole lot of awkward hand movements, hair flicking and a shitload of shiny leather.

But it had us in stitches.

And if that made you want to look at a whole bunch of Britney photos, click through the gallery below.

 What music video would you love to see without music? 

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