Music website's 'disgusting' tweet about North West.

Last night Twitter exploded in response to an awful tweet about the world’s most famous child, North West.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…” music publication Billboard wrote, referring to an image of the two-year-old eating a lollipop in her mother’s arms.

Outraged by the publication’s blatant sexualisation of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s young daughter, many called for the sacking of Billboard’s social media team, labelling the tweet as ‘disgusting’ and ‘shameful’.

The post linked users to an article about the mother and daughter heading to a ballet class. Within the post, North was quoted telling the paparazzi, “I said no pictures.”

Following a wave of backlash Billboard removed the tweet, later posting the same photo and link featuring a different caption, “North West is already pretty sassy (but in a cute way).”

In response to the public’s condemnation, Billboard says the sexual innuendo “some see” was “unintended”. Right.

Their hands are completely clean, guys, they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and are not at all to blame for you reading way too much into their completely innocent tweet.

According to Billboard it’s all in our heads.

They could’ve just tweeted “the problem is you, not us.” and achieved the same message.

Unsurprisingly, this half-hearted attempt of an apology (although it is generous to even call it that) didn’t go down well, either.

The very least we’d expect after such an inappropriate, horrible tweet is some remorse.

Not on, Billboard. Not on at all.

Do you think the Billboard tweet intentionally sexualised North West?

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