Bali murder suspect Sara Connor's precious reunion with ex-husband brings them to tears.

Bali murder suspect Sara Connor has broken down in tears after being reunited with ex-husband Anthony Connor.

The Australian mother of two is being investigated alongside British man Anthony James Taylor in the death of Indonesian policeman Wayan Sudarsa on August 17.

Sara was allowed the brief visit by her ex at the Denpasar police station on Monday.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported a lawyer for Sara, Erwin Siregar, said there was an overwhelming presence of sadness during the meeting.

“Anthony was crying, Sara was crying, they were both sad, even the lawyers were sad,” he said.

Anthony is the father to Sara’s two young children who are believed to remain at home.

Lawyer Robert Khuana who also represents Sara said the continued media presence was making it difficult for their sons to attend school.

“I know from Anthony that the media is full in the front of their house (which means) the kids cannot go to their school,” he said.

“Hopefully after this Anthony will give a statement to the media please help them with the situation in their house. It’s important not to influence the kids’ school.”

Khuana also relayed how Sara’s alleged involvement in the case was just to separate Taylor and Sudarsa.

“We still believe Sara was only separating … David and the victim,” he said.

Taylor has previously confessed to striking Sudarsa before fleeing the scene.

The newspaper reported Denpasar police chief Hadi Purnomo said six witnesses had come forward to provide accounts to Bali police.

Source: Facebook/Anthony Connor.

Purnomo said two witnesses claimed they saw Sara and Taylor burning something while two found cut up identity cards in a wallet that allegedly belonged to Sudarsa.

The police chief said Balinese officers were continuing to work with the Australian Federal Police.

"We continue coordinating with the AFP, who have requested to be informed in the development of the case," he said.

It is understood there are no other suspects at this time.