Mum spends an hour looking for the source of an awful smell. Finds it on her window sill.

Mother of three, Jessica Brooks, has shared the crappy reality of parenting toddlers after her two-year-old daughter decided to poo on the window sill of her bedroom.

After spending nearly an hour hunting down the source of the unpleasant odour in her daughter’s room, Brooks discovered the erm…deposit behind the curtains and before cleaning up the mess took a photo, because if you didn’t take a photo did it even happen?

Posting the photo on the Facebook page, The Unmumsy Mum, Brooks hoped that her shituation would make “one mummy smile and relate on a bad day”.

And relate they did, with the post quickly going viral as parents worldwide shared their poop related horror stories.

Apparently, toddlers are very creative with where they like to leave a number two. Surely there should be chapters dedicated to this in parenting books?

But it wouldn’t be the internet if Brooks didn’t receive a number of ridiculous and downright rude messages in response to her hilarious and apparently very relatable poop photo.

Not one to take other’s people crap lying down – pardon the pun – Brooks added a number of entertaining edits to her original post calling out haters and making parents everywhere nod along in agreement.

“Edit 7…to the lady who called me an idiot well she’s probably right but 3 kids and a job and life something got (sic) to give,” she wrote.

From confirmations that the poo was definitely human poo and not cat poo for a woman concerned that social services would get involved if it was the latter, to suggestions that she was clearly the world’s worst parent allowing her daughter to climb a window sill unsupervised, Brooks hilariously dismissed the hate.

Brooks was even forced to point out that it was not hers or her husband’s poo and that they are both in fact toilet trained.

“Edit 11…just to confirm it’s not daddy’s poo either that would be weird. Daddy would like me to confirm he is toilet trained.”

Just another day on the internet.

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