Mums reveal the strangest rules they have experienced as a house guest.

From rules on when the loo can be flushed to asking guests pay for meals to burning sanitary pads on the fire, the very worst of house rules have been revealed.

But could you stick to them? That’s the hot topic on popular mums chatsite MumsNet.

The question was posed “What’s the weirdest house rule you’ve ever experienced as a house guest?” – and more than 300 of the commentators recalled their stranger encounters.

The thread has exposed the weirdest, wildest and most revolting rules enforced on house guests.

One of the most common themes are rules around toilets, with many households enforcing a strict “no flushing after dark” rule.

One woman told MumsNet she was surprised to stay at a friend’s house where the homeowners wouldn't let them flush the toilet, in case it woke their children.

Another says it was her ex-boyfriend’s parents:“His mum wouldn't let anyone flush the toilet after 9pm. So you would go to the toilet sometimes and it would be full of wee and tissues.”

She called it “disgusting.”

Another faces the same issue regularly when she visits her in-laws.

“My in-laws are partly nocturnal, but they will not allow anyone to flush the damned toilet at night. So before you can wee when you get up you have to flush away a festering piss cocktail of what looks like a couple of litres of Lucozade with toilet roll dissolving in it. They wonder why we prefer to stop in a hotel.”

Several posters said they faced the same rule, especially in homes with young babies but one poster faced the issue for a fear of waking up someone else.

“We were told not to flush the loo in the night in case it woke my father-in-law!”

One woman who stayed at her sister-in-laws’s house had a host of strange rules.   “You weren't allowed to flush the toilet, talk above a whisper, had to have on subtitles with no sound on the TV [and] no using the computer because of the tapping sound.”

Though there were those who thought it acceptable.

“Personally I don't tend to flush at night as it can disturb people - adults more likely than children and am always torn as to the best policy when staying with other people. I hate to be woken up at night.”

Keeping on the toilet theme, one commentator says the weirdest rule she came across was "a friend who would allocate an amount of toilet paper. So there was no loo roll and this friend would ask how much you need before you go.”

While another said she had friends that disallowed use of their downstairs loo, as that was just for the mum of the house.

And this one: “No number two in the upstairs loo (totally modern plumbing).”

One mumsneter said that at a relative’s house, where the water is measured and metered had strict processes.

“If you visit and need the loo you need to announce if you're doing a shit, because if you are only peeing, you mustn't flush. Everyone goes, the last one flushes. You are allowed to flush faeces without sharing.”


It seems many have rules around poo.

“My sister doesn’t allow poos in her home if you want a shit you have to go home.”

But this could be one of the worst toilet rules:

“When I was a teenager my friend's dad said that sanitary towels should be burned in the living room fire. I was expected to go downstairs and put a used sanitary towel in the fire in front of the adults watching TV. There was no bathroom bin. Friend offered to do it for me, but I'm ashamed to say that I rolled mine up as small as they could go and hid them behind the waste pipe of the toilet.  I think her mum must have found them.”

Other rules were just as bizarre:

"Don't jump on the rug because you'll hatch the flea eggs” to “close every door behind you as you walked around the house so if a fire broke out it wouldn't spread! It was like moving through a prison!"

And: In this house “every room had a waste paper basket just for used tissues because they were 'filled with germs and not to touch anything else'."

And then: “I have a friend who I no longer visit. They are really well off, but will not have the heating on, no matter how cold it is!”

Another big issue was food.

“You can't eat after 7pm in my friends house, I only stayed there once got a hotel the next year."

The shocked person also writes about the time at dinner at a friends house, with two other couples she was asked to pay for the meal.

“After the meal the host said the meal and wine had cost a fortune and asked for donations."

Amazingly she says she “didn't have any money on her” but wrote an IOU which she honoured.

Another says that her boyfriend’s mother used to reuse food from other people's plates if they left it, even she says “one mouthful of meat” or the “last scrape of potato” as you can guess she says she “never went back.”

But the biggest issue was noise:

“Talking is not allowed in my sister's house after 7 pm. We don't go there any more!”

One woman’s cousins have a rule there is absolutely no talking after their child’s bedtime - and no TV either!

“They sit in silence and read,” she writes, adding that not surprisingly they don’t get many visitors.

“They are the dullest people I've ever met.”

Laundry rules enraged one with a woman’s father-in-law who insisted guests dry themselves with a face cloth first “wringing it out as needed, after showering”.

“Only when excess water has been removed can a bath towel be used. Saves on laundry apparently.”

The post that summed it all up though was simply this:

"Whaaat?! And I thought my parents were weird..."

Just what we were thinking too.

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