Mum pens powerful plea to anti-vaxxers after losing her daughter at just eight months old.

A mother has posted a powerful plea on Reddit about how vaccinations, or a lack thereof, left her mourning the loss of her eight-month-old daughter.

User throwaway44321424, made a heartfelt and emotional plea to parents on the platform, writing about her own experience losing her baby and why vaccinations are so important not just for the health of your children, but for the people around you too.

“Three years ago I had a baby girl, her name was Emily and I loved her more than anything,” she began.

“I planned things out and did everything to make sure I could afford her and we wouldn’t be living in poverty.”

After dedicating everything she had to her baby, within eight months Emily had fallen ill.

“I did everything I could for my baby with doctors visits and medicine and working a sh*t retail job at 8 months pregnant all by myself…

“I’d messed up a few things in my life but I wasn’t going to mess up with her if I could help it.”

“She was sick for a while and I’d never seen anything like it. I took her to the doctor. She was in the hospital and she looked so bad, she was crying and coughing and there was nothing I could do. I felt like the worst mother in the world. After I got her to the hospital she got worse, got something called measles encephalitis, where her brain was inflamed. I hadn’t believed in God in years but you better believe I was praying for her every day,” she wrote.

User throwaway44321424 went on to write that after a week in hospital, her little girl passed away, being too young for the MMR vaccine.

More than that, she alleges that shortly after Emily’s death, she found out her neighbour –who had babysat the eight-month-old from time to time — was an anti-vaxxer and had recently posted photos of her own sick child.

Understandably, the mother was furious, and had an impassioned message for others.

"It's not just your choice only affecting your kid." Image via iStock.

"Please vaccinate your kids, so other mums like me don't have to watch their baby die. It's not just your choice only affecting your kid, you are putting every child who for some reason hasn't gotten vaccinated in SO much danger.

"Please please please for the love of God please vaccinate. My kid was DEAD because she made that choice."

The post garnered a strong response from the Reddit community, with some readers sharing their own painful stories of losing children, and others sharing their frustration with anti-vaxxers.

"To me, being an anti-vaxxer is a lot like being a drunk driver," wrote one user. "It's usually not you that ends up hurt the worst."

Another reader expressed the fundamental issue with those who refuse to vaccinate themselves or their children.

"The problem is.. that if someone is an anti-vaxxer they aren't going to believe that your story is at all related to vaccination.

"If they believed that vaccinations worked they wouldn't be anti-vaxxers."

"Please please please for the love of god please vaccinate." Image via iStock.

Others shared their own stories of being affected by the anti-vax community. One woman wrote:

"I caught whooping cough during the 2010 outbreak in Los Angeles because I babysat for a family with two unvaccinated children. They caught it at their posh preschool, then it passed on to me — two months before my college graduation."

Another wrote:

"When my mother was a young teacher (long before the vaccines lead to autism thing) she had a kid in one of her classes who was being treated for Leukaemia. Another of the classmates was unvaccinated because their mother didn't believe they were safe. He ended up bringing measles to school, and while the unvaccinated kid was fine, the boy with leukemia ended up catching it and passing away. It's been many many years since this and my mum still tears up about the incident. Herd immunity is a social responsibility you owe to those who are unable to vaccinate."

The stories were heartbreaking, but ultimately, several users thanked the woman for sharing the devastating story of losing her baby daughter. Maybe her story, they said, could inspire others to take their decisions around vaccinations more seriously.