Photos of mums meeting their babies for the first time, just minutes after birth.

The moment a mother meets her baby for the first time after birth is a moment that surpasses words. There’s a lot I could say about the moments right after a mum gives birth.
Right after Kristen gave birth to baby Isabel. Image: YourTango.

There's the sweet, sweet relief of knowing you did it and that you're done with being pregnant.

There's the hopeful straining to hear the beautiful sound of a healthy baby crying, lungs filling with air for the first time.

There's the crazy high of literally having your entire world in your arms, a hormone-fueled rollercoaster that nothing can compare to.

Nikki Addimando decided to have a home birth with her other son present.

But really, when it comes right down to it, words are pretty pointless to describe what it's like to give birth and see your baby for the first time. So instead, we have pictures where words are unable to do justice.

What is one word to describe the first time you met your baby?

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