Adrienne lost one kilo. She went down three dress sizes.

This feel good body transformation story will make you want to throw away your scales immediately.

A mum-of-four has proven that weight is just a number by dropping three whole dress sizes, while losing less than a kilo on the scales.

Adrienne Osuna recently posted a side-by-side photo on Instagram showing her transformation from 182 to 180 pounds (that’s 82.5 kilograms to 81.6).

She captioned the photo: “I THANK GOD I didn’t let the scale stop me…I could care less what I weigh. For reals powerlifting built this body. My goals are to *build muscle and lose fat* I didn’t diet to get here…I lifted a lot of heavy things and I do intermittent fasting and I’m not done yet!!!” 

“And yesss really 2 pounds difference… size 16 to a size 10 it’s body recomposition – losing fat & gaining muscle. I lift 5 days a week and do 3 days cardio, and I intermittent fast usually 15 hours over night,” she added. 

Since it was posted online five weeks ago, the post has received more than 10,000 likes. A second post with the same photo and an update on her story attracted more than 11,000 likes.

The comments I get are unreal ???????? I never post two of these pics back to back but this one is for all you sweet souls that stuck up for me, left me sweet comments, and sent me messages saying these help you so much. ???? Here’s a REAL side view for you. NO I WASN’T PREGNANT on the left ???? the right was this morning. No dieting, just heavy lifting, which is anaerobic and uses stored fat for fuel, and intermittent fasting which also taps into stored fat especially from the belly, and hitting protein. I lost fat and gained muscle which made my weight pretty much stay the same but as you can see I’ve lost a lot of inches and dress sizes. I’ll be answering questions I got in my story today ???????? Negative comments get deleted and ppl blocked ????????????

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Through her Instagram posts, Osuna has proven how much muscle mass has to do with our appearance and that the number on the scale isn’t the only indicator of health and fitness.

Many people have thanked her for being so open and honest about the transformation.

“You have really inspired me! When I have a bad week at the scales I have to remember it’s not all about numbers. You are amazing,” wrote one person.

This Is Us has it in a contract that their main star has to lose weight with the character that she plays. 

“So inspirational. The scale hasn’t moved much for me though my body is changing . I see it doesn’t really have to for me to look a lot different. Thanks for posting,” added another.