"Sancto-mummies" have already gotten to mum-to-be Sarah Harris.

Sarah Harris, 34, has showed us the house her and husband Tom have bought together. And then she shared the baby bump. This witty news reporter is preparing to be a first time mum, with all the fear, guilt and complications that concept draws to mind, and has been sharing her pregnancy with social media regularly.

Sadly, just as other parents have experienced, Sarah can’t seem to escape the online mummy bullies.

So what is a “sancto-mummy?” In an exclusive interview with the Daily Telegraph, Sarah defines this strange idea as mothers who “love to scrutinise and criticise and usually have very strong opinions on just about every parenting debate.”

Sarah's first ultrasound. Image: Facebook.

They're passive aggressive. Always "know best." And unfortunately, they seem to lurk around the corner of every other woman's pregnancy - particularly those, god forbid, that were different from their own.

Sarah Harris is only half way through her pregnancy at 21 weeks - but she's already been stung, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Sarah Harris wearing a stunning dress on the red carpet. Image: Instagram.

Just as we all have our vices, and cravings begin to rear their head when bub is on the way, Sarah is a reporter. She NEEDS coffee in the morning. Coffee keeps her going. But she's given up the soft cheese that might follow on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Of course, this type of public display of "unsafe" drinking has been judged by just about every sancto-mummy on instagram.

Sarah has obviously been deeply distressed by the comments. She told the Daily Telegraph, "it’s hard not to feel like a failure when viewers tell me that if I really cared about the health of my unborn baby, I wouldn’t dare wear stilettos to work or bleach my hair."

Sarah's first bump picture. Image: Instagram.

On twitter, Sarah basically summarised the issue. "I'm pregnant and I drink coffee, wear stilettos and bleach my hair. This makes me a bad mum, apparently."

But it doesn't make her a bad mum. Other celebrities and royals have been shamed in the past for their parenting "mistakes." Just last week, David Beckham took a photo of his four-year-old daughter Harper who had a dummy in her mouth. "APPALLING" his fans cried on social media. "How dare he?" others gasped. He responded by saying it helped her feel better. Can you blame him for sticking with an item that helps his little girl? Hardly.

Sarah on Studio 10. Image: Instagram.

In the same vein, fitness expert Michelle Bridges, who is currently on her baby moon, jumped off a pier with her partner Steve, only to be asked by "sancto-mummy's" if this was a "safe move." Yes, a woman who bench presses close to 100kgs is being asked if jumping in the air is a problem. Needless to say, it isn't. Sarah Harris did the same thing, but because you couldn't see her bump in the instagram picture, the "issue" suddenly becomes out of sight and out of mind for mummy shamers. This is the true problem.

Sarah doing exactly what Michelle did without getting in trouble. Image: Instagram.

The Duchess of Cambridge sported stilettos during her pregnancy, just like Sarah, and was also ridiculed. It goes to show even our royals aren't safe from the unreasonable discussion about how pregnancy should look. And these are just some of our favourite famous friends who have copped a mouthful. There are others.


We wish Sarah all the best for the remainder of her pregnancy, and kindly ask for the santo-mummies to leave her alone.

Where you ever mummy-shamed?

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