A mother took “ice” for morning sickness.

And was a repeat drug-driver.

There are calls for increased penalties for repeat drug drivers after a mother-to-be was arrested and charged with four counts of drug-driving, multiple counts of driving suspended and driving an unregistered car.

Calls for increased penalties for drug drivers.

She told police she used the drug “ice” to help with the nausea of her pregnancy.

The Geelong Court heard that 32-year old Julie Bryan on one of her arrests ran inside a house and vomited.

She later tried to claim she used ice while inside the house but police said this was untrue as she was accompanied by an officer at all times.

News Limited reports that Magistrate Michael Coghlan called on Victoria’s parliamentarians to introduce tougher penalties for drug-driving.

Mr Coghlan said that, unlike drink-drivers, there were no jail penalties for repeat drug-drivers and only a maximum licence disqualification of six months.

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