Mum applauded for shaming woman who screamed at her sick child on flight.


A mother has been applauded for publicly shaming the woman she claims told her to “shut up” her disabled daughter while on an international flight.

Nicola Colenso was travelling with her family when her eight-year-old daughter suffered a mid-flight meltdown.

Daughter Yasmin suffers from Sturge-Weber syndrome – a condition that affects the brain, skin and eyes.

Mother Nicola and father Rick were trying to soothe Nicola when a fellow passenger allegedly turned around and told them to “shut that child up!”.

Mother Nicola Colenso and family. Source; Facebook.

Nicola shared the story on Facebook with a post aimed at attracting the attention of the woman involved.

"Dear lady on the Manchester bound flight from Ibiza yesterday!" She wrote.

"We are sorry our daughter stopped you from getting your beauty sleep."

The mother went on to say she apologised to the passenger and explained her daughter's condition.

"We explained her situation to you very politely and said we are sorry if she is causing a problem and maybe ask if she could to be moved," she said.

The woman was then said to have continued to abuse the parents in front of the child.

"This resulting in you repeating that you were "sick of the noise and can't you just shut her up!" Nicola wrote.

Happier times for the Colenso family. Source: Facebook.

Nicola claimed the woman continued to quarrel and even called the father a "prick" in front of the child and her three siblings.


The post ended with the hope the woman got wind of the post and learned the eight-year-old was later taken to hospital.

"I hope social media helps for this post to find you," she wrote.

"To let you know that same little 8 year old girl ended up being taken to hospital by ambulance that evening as she became seriously unwell."

Emotions are in the air... seriously. Post continues.

The post has been shared almost 100,000 times since it was posted two days ago.

Hundreds of users have applauded the mother for her calm and considered response to the in-flight confrontation.

"I have flown all over the world with my daughter and will continue to do so despite the meltdowns, anxiety, shouting and carrying on, shame on that woman!" One user said.

"It's hard work travelling with children anywhere especially on a plane with limited space and with her being poorly as well," another user said.