Meet the mum who saved $30,000 so her 12-year-old daughter can have plastic surgery.

A cosmetic-surgery loving mum has admitted to saving up more than $30,000 so that her 12-year-old daughter can go under the knife.

Beauty therapist Kerry Miles, from Essex, England told The Sun she has put money aside even though her daughter, Bethaney, refuses to accept it.

“Bethaney says she’d never do it, but I always said that when I was a kid as well – never say never,” she said.

“I’ve got money put aside in case she ever changes her mind and wants to do it – if she wants a boob job, lipo, anything like that then I’ll pay for her to have it done.”

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The 33-year-old went on to explain why she felt it was important to give her daughter the option of cosmetic change.

“She’s got a nice nose anyway and big lips so I know she wouldn’t want those done, but if there’s anything else she wants I’ll make sure she gets it,” she said.

“But she’s nothing like me to be honest, she’s a bit of a tomboy.”

Miles was first brought to international attention in 2010 when she spoke openly about her desire to achieve a “Barbie” look. It was reported she has spent more than $160,000 on cosmetic procedures over the past six years.

The Essex resident told The Sun her family opposed the idea of Bethaney undergoing cosmetic work.

“Her dad and my parents think it’s too early for her to have surgery and that she’s beautiful enough as she is – my parents aren’t a fan of my look, they say I’ve ruined myself,” she said.

“Of course I think Bethaney’s beautiful already, but I know how much happier having surgery made me and I want her to have that opportunity.”

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