Was this mother's punishment for her teen a genius parenting move, or way too harsh?


Don’t waste your time screaming at your bratty teenagers and threatening to ground them, fools – a new parenting benchmark has just been reached.

The far more effective method to get your image-obsessed teens to feel your wrath is obviously to resell their Katy Perry concert tickets on Facebook. With a public header screaming ‘SPOILED BRAT DAUGHTER DOESN’T DESERVE TICKETS FOR SALE’.


That’s what Cindy Bjerke did when her teenage daughter started playing up. She sold her daughter’s beloved Katy Perry tickets for 90 bucks online, in about 5 minutes flat.

But rather than praise Bjerke for figuring out the perfect way to get the better of a misbehaving teen in the 21st century, the internet proceeded to tell her she was completely and utterly failing at life, parenting and just generally being an acceptable human being.

She copped it from a lot of parents who felt the punishment was way too harsh.

But Bjerke handled the criticism like the hard-ass parent she is: “I was not going to let her go to this concert with the behaviour that she’s been doing,” she told local news.

Take a look at her ‘absolutely no apologies’ stance:

So, hard-ass parenting for the win, or too much tough love?