Mum hides TV boobs from her gay son. Internet falls in love with her.


We’ve all been there.

Watching that awkward semi-nude, semi-sexual movie scene while your parents are sitting RIGHT THERE.

People have been known to urgently need to make a cup of tea at these moments.

Or, you know, mum may just run over to the TV screen and cover it with a towel.

And a mother has done just that – to protect her adult, gay son from seeing boobs on screen.

The son posted a photo to Reddit saying, “There were boobs on-screen, so my mother took action. I am a 22-year-old gay man. (SFW)” – with this image.

What is behind that towel? (Image via Reddit)

The photo has caused quite a reaction – with many people creating memes of the mum covering up other inappropriate images. The memes cover everything from Miley Cyrus’s boobs to The Interview film.

She’s one mum that everyone can relate to in their own unique and varied way, as seen here…


Good one, mum.

What would you cover up?