This mum is done with excuses. She's just being honest about why her daughters are late to school.

I know it’s only Monday but I’m ready to call ‘internet mum of the week’ and award all the high fives to this awesome chick who gave possibly the greatest answer on her daughter’s late sign in sheet at school.

We all know what mornings are like with kids. Some days no matter what you do you simply will not make that bell on time. You’re standing in the kitchen making lunches, yelling orders at small people to ‘get dressed’, ‘brush your teeth’, ‘pack your bag’ and they’re standing around half naked staring at the wall- no sense of urgency whatsoever. (It’s also usually on these mornings that they tell you about photo day/news day/cake stall day about ten minutes before you walk out the door)

We all have these days but rather than trying to come up with a plausible excuse as to why her daughter was late to class (you know, the usual suspects like traffic, doctors appointments) this mum decided it was best to be upfront and simply wrote “bad parenting’ in the allocated space for ‘reason for lateness’.

High five to you, lady. Honesty is the best policy, after all.

The image was uploaded to Reddit by user Colieoh who says her friend filled in the hilarious response when dropping her daughter to school eighteen minutes past the bell. (Naturally she then whipped out her phone to take a sneaky pic of the sign in sheet to giggle about later) But that sneaky pic has now gone viral with parents everywhere loving her up front approach.

It’s not clear when the note was written but the post has prompted others to share their hilarious reasons for being late.

“If my dad dropped us off late to school he would write “My children are late because they are not on time,” says one user.

Another Pokemon fan suggested “Next time my kids are late I’ll take it a step further “There was a Charizard on the way.”

And this lady? Well, she’s just doing her best to make the teachers giggle. “I normally make up monster attacked the car stories for my daughter. There is more room for creative stories on the forms at her school. Teachers must get bored as hell with this rubbish.”

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