This mum found mould in her baby food. And then...

You won’t believe how the Internet reacted when this mum found mould in a her baby’s food. 

How would you react if the fruit pouch you tried to feed your one-year-old was spoilt? It would be pretty annoying would it?

Imagine you are out at a playgroup, or the park and have a packet of what you think is a pretty easy and nutritious snack all ready to go. But when you go to feed your hungry little tot screaming for some num-nums the fruit pouch is all mouldy.

I’d be rather grumpy at the whole thing. I would do exactly what a Mum in the US has done – turn to the Facebook page of the food company to voice my annoyance.

I’d expect an apology – or at least an explanation from the company. What I wouldn’t expect was to be criticised for daring to feed my child “processed” food (even if it was 100% fruit). What I wouldn’t expect would be the wrath of other mothers.

What I wouldn’t imagine is receiving several dozen pithy messages that are simply plain old-fashioned bitchy. This is the story of the time a Mum tried to do the right thing by her child. And the Internet turned on her.

Unfortunately, this is not an unfamiliar tale. This time it was a Mum in the US, Lourdes Fernandez Gil Rodrigo, who found out the hard way that her parenting choices were in fact everybody else’s business when she posted a complaint to the Facebook page of a food manufacturer.

Here’s her original post.

She’d bulk-bought a supply of Go Go Food fruit pouches and they were mouldy.

Then, the Mummy judging began in earnest – not at the mould - but at the fact she had dared to cut corners.

It seems to be right up there with bottle-feeding and forgetting your child’s hat as one of the top three Mummy-sins: The shame of feeding your child pre-prepared food.


Parenting forums are flooded with new Mums debating the pros and cons of organic “squeezie” baby food (or God forbid, using a Heinz jar). Many claim they will only feed them to their little one in an “emergency." (Quick! Fire, flood, cyclone, Rafferty’s baby food...) Others swear to never let the evil little packages of (gasp) fruit and vegetables enter their trolleys.

I’m not going to debate the pros and cons of the contents of these foods. It’s your choice what you want to feed your baby. Personally I can’t see the harm in them but frankly, it's not any of my business.

And that’s the point isn’t it? Unless I’m pulverising big macs and Mars Bars and feeding them mashed up with a hit of crack cocaine and a few cigarettes I don’t actually think what I feed my child is anyone’s bloody issue except mine.

You have to wonder what we did before Facebook – how did we publicly humiliate each other? Or is the anonymity of the Internet giving us the perfect fodder to become more judgemental than ever.

Do you feed your child packaged foods? Should this mum have been "snack-shamed"?

Now, we don't care whether you feed your kid packet food or not, but here are some healthy snacks for kids that won't (hopefully) get you kicked off the Internets...

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