No mother should have to endure this in the months after having a baby.

Rikki posted this image on Facebook of her pumping behind the tank

A young mother of a four-month old ventures out in public for the first time without her baby.

You can imagine she would be nervous and anxious. It’s a big thing for any mother to leave their newborn.

What happened to her though left her angry, humiliated  – and desperately unhappy.

Rikki Forrest from Adelaide went with a group of friends to the Sea and Vines Festival on the weekend. As a part of the tour they stopped at a McLaren Vale Winery.

Rikki needed to pump her breastmilk as her four-month old baby, Brock was not with her. She says she asked the winery staff if she could use a private room.

Rikki writes on Facebook that the worker then asked her manager before returning to tell Rikki that the most private place they had was in a corner.

She says the woman pointed to a crowded extension of the winery with about 20 people sitting at tables and chairs.

“I have no problem breast feeding in public, but pulling your breasts out and pumping is completely different and there were a lot of men around,” Rikki told The Advertiser.

Rikki says that she then told her she needed somewhere private. “ I told her I needed to empty my milk somewhere, so would like somewhere more private.”

She writes “ She then told me she would empty it for me and pointed to the sink on the cellar door counter and laughed. Appalled we turned away.”

What made matters worse was the comment she says the woman made to a male customer.

“I heard her joke with a male customer ‘too much information’.“

Rikki says she was forced to walk the grounds walk the grounds, to find a quiet place away from people.


“Our only option was behind a wet rainwater tank in the cold, next to some rusty metal frames.”

Rikki and a friend

“I was not offered a closed door at all, as they were all labeled ‘staff only’. I wasn’t even allowed to use the main toilets sectioned off as they were ‘closed’, And to add to the ordeal I was made fun of and laughed at.”

Rikki turned to social media to vent her fury and her post has since been shared more than 12,000 times.

She told The Advertiser that there were buses turning around 10m away from where she stood to pump her milk.

Rikki – angry and unhappy names the winery on Facebook.

“I am naming and shaming your winery publicly because it is completely unacceptable to be treated this way.” she writes.

“It is a sad reality that breastfeeding women are discriminated against, and unfortunately your business added to this. It was handled by management also…. I hope in the future you can accommodate women in my position so they feel comfortable and cared for by you, and not discriminated against.”

The winery, Middlebrook Winery has now apologised for its handling of the situation and shut down its Facebook page due to being overwhelmed by angry comments.

In a written statement that said they “We would like to fully acknowledge the breast feeding privacy issue from the weekend and we sincerely understand and feel sorry that so much offence has been taken.” the statement reads.

The winery has since apologised

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation SA branch chief executive Elizabeth Dabars told The Advertiser “there is still a need for the broader community to make sure arrangements (for breastfeeding and pumping) are in place.”