Mum finds the ultimate way to embarrass her teen daughter on her first day at university.

When Avery Leilani attended the Texas State freshman orientation day with her mother, she probably expected it to go down like the movies: Embarrassing moments unpacking luggage; a cringe-worthy ‘meeting the room mate’ conversation; and the trying-not-to-be tearful goodbyes.

What she probably wasn’t expecting was for her mum to make friends with the entire college football team.

Leilani was probably doing something sensible – like finding the library or introducing herself to future teachers – when she received a message from her mother who’d gone wandering.

“I made some friends. Don’t wait up,” the message said.

The accompanying photographs were of Mrs Leilani surrounded by a handful of shirtless football players.

The new college student posted a screenshot of the exchange to Twitter and the images soon went viral.

If that’s not #mumgoals, we don’t know what is.

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