Mum plays dress-ups with her adorable little baby during nap time.

There are some kids who just hit it out of the ball park with their fashion… and then there’s this little baby.

Los Angeles photographer Laura Izumikawa has curated a series of baby photos that will get you laughing, scrolling and reaching for the dress-up box.
Izumikawa uses four-month-old daughter Joey’s much-needed nap time to create bang-on renditions of pop culture references.

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Stranger things, Wayne’s World, Sound of Music, Dragon Ball Z… if it’s out there and people love it, Joey is going to wear it.

Party on Wayne. Party on Garth. ????????#waynesworld

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Izumikawa told Huffington Post she hoped the posts allowed parents to relive a sense of fun in their parenting.

“I hope that these photos and videos will make people smile and also remind parents to have fun with their kids and not get too caught up in the seriousness of parenting.”

Joey dreams of sushi ????

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The photographer shared how the initial popularity of the posts set off her parenting alarm bells.

 “Initially when I started getting a ton of online attention, there was a bit of a mother-bear type of panic, and I thought about stopping,” she said.
It was the flood of support from fans and parents alike that encouraged her to continue the work.
 “But then I started receiving messages from countless people who said that the photos and videos were the highlight of their day and for some, a thing they enjoy to watch with their kids,” she said.

What the best exercise for a swimmer? Pool-ups. ???????? #rio2016

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Izumikawa’s follower count on Instagram has only skyrocketed since she began the series.

 Fans often tag their friends and partners to not just share the account but to discuss future ideas for their own children.
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