A mum accidentally donated her son's hidden cash after she tried to Kondo her home.

Since its debut at the beginning of the year, Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has inspired thousands of viewers to throw out their useless junk and declutter their lives.

But while the reality show has certainly had a positive impact, it seems to be causing a few problems too.

In the United States, one mother is experiencing full-blown ‘Kondo regret’ after she donated her son’s old souvenir mug to charity after watching the popular Netflix show.

Watch the trailer for Tidying Up With Marie Kondo below.

After donating the mug to Goodwill, Lindsay Preiss discovered the old Mickey Mouse mug was actually filled with $6,500 in cash.

Just days after selling his car, Lindsay’s son 27-year-old Devon Silvey had stored the cash in the mug at his parents’ house for safe-keeping while he moved apartments.

However, the mug had a lid on it, so Lindsay didn’t see the cash sitting inside.

“[I feel] like the worst mum in the world,” the Atlanta mother told local news station WSB-TV. “I mean, I feel terrible.”


“At first I thought it was a joke or a prank or something like that,” Devon added.

“She thought I was upset about the mug being gone, which, I miss the mug as well, but what was inside was a little more important.”

Although it’s believed Goodwill has now sold the mug, Devon’s family are now offering a monetary reward to get the mug and cash back.

“I’m just asking someone to please have it in your heart to do the right thing and give it back,” Lindsay told WSB-TV.

Lindsay is not the only person to experience Kondo regret. Just last week, Australian radio star Chrissie Swan told Nova radio’s Fitzy and Wippa about her experience with “deep Kondo regret”.

“You watch one episode and you cannot wait to do it in your own house,” the 45-year-old said.

“I’ve gone through every drawer. I’ve cried a lot – but it does involve crying because you spend your whole day on one cupboard,” she admitted.

“Then you get sidetracked, so you find an old lipstick, and you put that on and an old headband, and you put that on and by the end you look like you should be institutionalised.”

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