Mother's heartfelt plea to bullies who ridiculed her son for wearing nail polish.

A mother has shared a heartfelt post on social media that explains why the bullying of her six-year-old son is one reason the world needs to change.

Devon Berryann from Pennsylvania in the United States told Facebook users she was proud her son wore nail polish, tutus and spoke fondly of the boys in his year.

“My six year old son likes to wear nail polish. He likes to wear girls’ clothes and tutus. He tells me about the boys he likes at school. He says he will marry them and adopt babies,” she said.

The support she gave was said to be part of a plan to only ever encourage her son’s development – no matter who or how he turned out to be.

A vigil following the Orlando shooting. Source: News 13.

Berryann then revealed how it was the horrific events of the Orlando shooting that have caused her to second guess that parenting.

"A couple days ago he came home and told me again about kids teasing him at school for his nail polish, and for the first time ever I considered talking him into taking it off. Into hiding that part of himself," she said.


"Because for the first time ever I was scared that he would be gunned down one night when he was out having a good time with his friends."

"In that moment I was so terrified that I wondered if it would be better to stop appeasing him."

The Pennsylvanian mum said that although she remained afraid, she realised it wasn't her son who needed to change - it was the world.

"I want this world to change. To be better for him. To DESERVE him. Because he is a wonderful, amazing person," she said.

The post has collected over 27,000 shares since it was uploaded two weeks ago.

Hundreds of users have applauded the mother for her parenting and bravery in airing her fears.

"You rock, Devon Berryann. Congrats and thank you for your touching post going viral. Spreading hope and tolerance....Atta girl," one user said.

"This is so heart warming Devon. Good for him for being true to himself and good for you and Noah for creating an environment where he felt he could. Whether it's just a phase or not, he's got an army behind him." another user commented.

Even a child can explain bullying. But it'll take all of us to stop it. Post continues after video.

Berryann responded to say the support offered had given her hope for the future.

"Thank you everyone for your kind words! I know I'm making good choices in life and surrounding myself with right kind of people when a post like this gets this big of a reaction," she said.

"It makes me feel much more hopeful... and I really needed to feel hopeful again."

The Berryann household is said to now be filled with a few more bottles of polish, a couple of tutus and a whole lot of love.

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