Perth mum hits back at critics who think her little boys should not have long hair.

Chloe Dunstan is a proud mum of six happy, healthy children under the age of four (including baby triplets. WOW.)

The older three all have long hair that is frequently styled in buns and ponytails – which wouldn’t be remarkable, except that they are all boys.

Now sick of the comments, questions and “advice” the family regularly get about Felix, two, Otto, three, and four-year-old Evan daring to have longer-than-average hair, the Perth local has hit back at her sons’ critics.

Her fiery Facebook post about “Little Boys Hair 101” has since gone viral.

Dunstan’s not afraid to call out double standards and remind people that yes, male hair has the exact same ability to grow as long as female hair can.

“Sometimes people tell us it needs to be cut off because it’s too heavy, uncomfortable, too hot or unclean when it’s long. If that’s the case, I’m just wondering why we shouldn’t shave girls’ hair off too? Is it because boys are allowed to be more comfortable than girls? And girls should sacrifice comfort for aesthetics? I dunno, you tell me,” the mum of six wrote.

“Some people think my kids will get picked on for having long hair.. So teach your children not to bully people for how they look. That would be a good start. I will never teach my kids that they should change the way they are just to avoid comments from small minded people.”

(Post continues after video.)

While the boys regularly get mistaken for girls because of their hair, it’s the attitude people have towards them that Dunstan has the problem with.

“Rude comments aside, I have no problem with people simply assuming wrongly that my boys are girls. It happens 99.9 per cent of the time when we are out and I just say, ‘Oh, they’re actually boys’ and the kind people say ‘Oh okay, oops!’ and the assholes say ‘BOYS? ARE YOU SURE?’… Yes I’m sure,” the 23-year-old said.

“Even if my boys “look like girls”, that’s fine by us! Why would looking like a girl be a bad thing? Why do people even care if they’re boys or girls? There is actually no reason you need to know what a child has between their legs. No reason. At all.”


As any parent would know, haircuts with young children are also no picnic.

Lunch at the park. ????

A photo posted by chloe • 23 • australia (@chloeandbeans) on Jun 29, 2016 at 12:52am PDT

“Some kids don’t like having their hair cut. My kids don’t like having their hair cut. They get really upset about it actually. I don’t want to upset my children,” she said.

“Hair cuts are expensive.. Have you seen how many kids I have? (This is totally a legitimate reason… Not)”

Dunstan continues to list further reasons defending her sons’ hair (including Thor has long hair and he is cool) but it’s her last that is the most poignant.

Aside from judgement from strangers, gender conforming “rules” and societal stereotypes, there’s one reason that matters the most – her boys want it.

Image: Facebook/Chloeandbeans

"My three year old and four year old boys have told me they want to grow their hair, why shouldn't they be able to? Imagine your daughter says 'I want to grow my hair!' And then you say 'TOO BAD' And shave it off while they scream and cry...Would that be nice? I don't think it would be," she said.

"My kids are clean, comfortable, kind, healthy, happy and confident with who they are. This is what matters most. Their hair is actually fabulous."

Hear, hear.

Image: Facebook/ChloeandBeans

Do your sons have long hair?