Kochie and Sam got fired up over a Sydney mum's speeding fine.

If you want to get people fired up in a hurry, take a leaf from Sunrise’s book and start talking about road rules and bad drivers.

Speaking to a Sydney woman on Wednesday who was fined $300 for driving too slowly in the right-hand lane, things quickly got heated on the breakfast television show when it became apparent hosts Kochie and Sam Armytage held very different views to that of their guest.

“You’re wrong,” Kochie told the woman named Lena within moments of the segment beginning.

mum argues driving slow fine
Sam and Kochie speak with Lena about her "slow driving" fine. Source: Channel 7.

"Lena, it is a basic road rule that if you want to go slower than the speed zone you need to go in the left-hand lane," Sam agreed.

"Everybody knows this. It is a basic rule you need to know to pass your driving test."

According to Lena, the busy Sydney road she was travelling along changes from two lanes to three and with it, the speed limit increases from 70kph to 90kph. Within moments of changing, a police car that had been "tailing" her on Sunday morning pulled Lena over, she says, adding, "the cop is actually in the wrong."


During the incident, Lena began filming and later uploaded the video to her personal Facebook account. In it, she argues that because there was no signage that forbade drivers from using the right-hand lane unless overtaking, she had not broken any rules and as such should have been let off with a warning, but the police officer "took it too far".

Within days of being shared, though, the mum-of-two was inundated with comments from users who were firmly in agreement with Kochie and Sam.

"If you break the road rules you don't necessarily get a warning, on a Sunday morning or otherwise," Sam said.

"I drive a lot and I find people who drive slowly in the right-hand lane cause more impatience for drivers than people who speed. It's actually quite dangerous."

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Clearly frustrated, Lena replied, "There was a police officer right behind me. Had I known that that was the rule on that road I would have turned left of changed lanes, but he was right behind me. Had I known I wouldn't be driving in that lane."

She continued, "I was being extra cautious with the speed because if I did speed up he would have booked me for speeding, so there's no win for me, is there?"

Having the final word, Sam replied, "Well, there is."

Do you think it's okay for cars to travel in the right lane if not overtaking?