Mum rewrites daughter's ridiculous homework. Becomes our new hero.

A New York mum is finding herself the centre of fast and fierce viral fame after amending her daughter’s rather sexist homework task.

Lynne Polvino’s six-year-old daughter Hazel was tasked with an otherwise innocent looking homework sheet that asked her to fill in the blanks to create a story.

It started a little bit like this: “Lisa was not happy. Her mother was back at work,” before going on to insinuate Lisa’s life was chaotic and lonely after her mum decided to return to work.

It went on:

“Lisa did not like her day at school. On the way home, she thought about it. ‘I wonder what time mommy will come home. I will be lonely at home.’

But when Lisa arrived at home, there was her mother. ‘I leave the office early so we can be together after school,’ she said. Lisa feels fine now.

Unimpressed with the message the task was communicating with her daughter, Polvino went about amending the project.

Image: Facebook.

"Lisa was happy. Her mother was back at work," it began.


"Before Lisa was born, her mother worked in a big office. Because it valued her important contributions to the workplace, her employer offered nearly a year of paid maternity leave and flex time upon her return. The morning was wonderful," it read.

Image: Facebook.

Talking to US Today, Polvino said she couldn't believe what she was reading when it was put in front of her.

"It just pushed so many buttons for me, and with each sentence it managed to get worse!" Polvino told Today.

"My shock and dismay quickly turned to outrage. I mean, what decade are we in, anyway? In this day and age, we're going to tell kids that mothers working outside the home makes their children and families unhappy? That fathers don't normally do things like cook and wash the dishes?"

It's 2017, Lynne. And yes, apparently that's precisely what we want to tell the kids.

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