Mrs Mac’s Pies – Love it or loathe it?

Previously in The pictures we’re talking about this week, we brought you some images from the new advertising campaign for Mrs Mac’s Pies. Now we bring you the full ad.

This article appeared on The Punch this morning, journalist Simon Black examines the change of gender balance in advertising in tough economic times…

From The Punch


The way people are portrayed in advertising has never been what you could call enlightened. But now advertisers are pitching lower than ever before.

Look at these images from Dutch Fashion Label suitsupply’s “Shameless” fashion campaign. The images caused a huge outcry when displayed in a Westfield shopping centre in London. The picture of a man looking disinterestedly up a woman’s dress while she leans back over a stairwell and writhes in ecstasy makes you wonder what urge exactly advertisers are trying to appeal to.

Although the campaign doesn’t have the same undertones of rape that saw ads by Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana banned, it’s still a throwback to the Don Draper days of advertising where women are passive objects and men are heroic conquerors.

But this is not the 1960s anymore. It’s 2010, so who exactly do these people think they’re selling to? The point is, they aren’t selling suits, or even sex. They’re selling power. Experts say that men under pressure during times of stress (like the GFC) take comfort in exaggerated stereotypes about masculinity …keep reading this article on The Punch

What do you think – do you love it or loathe it?

I’m not a fan…..

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