Four parents share the time their child's imagination made them laugh out loud.

Wonder Park
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There is nothing more entertaining than a kid with a wildly vivid imagination.

It’s a new, more imaginative and often much more magical way for all of us to see the world.

Books and movies are often the best ways for kids and adults alike to broaden their own imaginations, acting as launching pads to ignite the stories and ideas that are moving about in their minds.

In 2019, one movie that does this spectacularly well is Wonder Park.

It’s the gloriously animated story of a little girl named June who comes up with the idea of a magical amusement park run by a group of animals called Wonderland with her mother. When her mother gets sick and has to go away, June has to use her own imagination to save Wonderland and get herself through this difficult time.

To celebrate the home release of Wonder Park, we asked four parents to share their own stories of how their kids’ brilliant imaginations gave them a belly laugh. The best kind!


“My son has been obsessed with dinosaurs since he was four years old and would always tell me that one lived under his bed, which I thought was cute.

“My son also loves biscuits but we usually only let him have a few each day so I was surprised last week when I found the packets all empty. I went to his room to investigate and found that he had been leaving them in little piles under his bed for his dinosaur to eat. The thought of cockroaches mortified me, but I couldn’t help laughing out loud.”


“I don’t finish work until 7pm most nights and I always rush home so I can give my daughter her bath and talk with her about her day before we put her to bed. She loves her bath and has never been afraid until the other night when I pulled the plug out and she started screaming.

“Apparently, she now thinks there is a mermaid hiding down the drain that will get her. I never knew kids could be afraid of mermaids, but OK. Now I have to stop myself laughing every night as I ask the mermaid to ‘please go away’ before I pull the plug out.”


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“My son’s room is packed with soft toys because my mum and sisters bring him different ones every time they visit. The other morning I came in to wake him up and he was asleep on the floor and all his soft toys were in his bed tucked under the blankets. He told me very seriously that his toys had been waking him up at night because they were scared and this was the only way he could get them back to sleep…”


“I was at the park with my friends and all of our kids when one of the other little girls runs over to me and says that my daughter has climbed a tree and can’t get down. I go over to the tree and end up having to climb up myself and help her down. Once we were both down I got a little angry and asked her why she had done it and how she planned to get down? She said, ‘mum, I went up there so I could fly down but my wings just didn’t grow’. I had no answer for that so I had to laugh.”

Do you have a story to add that’ll give us a laugh? Well, go on then, share below.

Wonder Park is new to Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital. 

Wonder Park

Wonder Park is new to Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital.