9 dumb movie bloopers you probably haven't noticed before.

Be warned: You can’t un-see these doozies.

Going to the movies is all about escaping into another world, one with melodramatic love stories and unrealistic career progression.

But when that medieval love scene is interrupted by a shiny, futuristic van driving through the background, it’s awkwardly disconcerting.

And it happens WAY more often than you’d think.

We’ve rounded up nine examples of the dumbest movie mistakes you probably haven’t noticed before. But now you will never un-see them.

 1. A rogue gas canister in the back of a chariot in Gladiator. 

This isn’t Fast and the Furious people, we don’t think gas canisters were invented in ye olde gladiator days.

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2. Who can forget fake-baby-gate in American Sniper.

Come on guys, really? You couldn’t afford to hire an extra?

3. Brad Pitt’s costume change in Mr and Mrs Smith.

Credit: dritjon

She really knocked his ah… Jacket off.

4. Braveheart is filled with doozies.

Rubber axes, white vans and baseball caps weren’t really of the time, were they.

5. Lily Potter’s brown eye colour in the Harry Potter movies.

It’s not like the entire book series focused on Harry Potter inheriting his mother’s bright green eyes or anything…

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6. Marty McFly’s guitar in Back to the Future.

When Marty McFly headed back to 1955 to save his family, he must have stopped off in 1959 to pick up the ES-345 guitar because that’s when it was ACTUALLY invented.

7. Julia Roberts is eating a croissant in Pretty Woman scene… Nek minute… PANCAKE.

movie bloopers
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But hey, maybe she couldn’t choose between the two delicious breakfast options. This isn’t a place of judgement.

8. A cowboy invades the Pirates of the Caribbean set.

movie bloopers
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9.  Elsa’s hair passes through her shoulder. #IceMagic

Credit: AzISeeIt

We can’t let go this defiance of the laws of nature.

10. This Stormtrooper bangs his head in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

In this scene a Stormtrooper smacks his head on an opening door and you can even hear the thud. Don’t deny it, you giggled just a little.

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