5 genius Mother's Day gift ideas, because you can't give her spa vouchers forever.

Thanks to our brand partner, Sunbeam

Ah, Mother’s Day. You know, the day when the most important woman in your life doesn’t want you to get her anything.

“Oh, I don’t need a present, I’ve got everything,” she’ll most likely (helpfully) tell you. 

Knowing that it’s totally unacceptable to not give her anything (plus you want to show her how special she is), you plan to scour the internet until you find the perfect gift – and then hope it arrives in time. 

It doesn’t need to be that way, my friends. I’ve done some work for you (big of me, I know) and come up with the coolest ‘out of the box’ presents list, with not a spa voucher in sight.

Before we start, here’s a pro tip: don’t restrict yourself to gifts you only deem appropriate for certain age brackets or genders. No doubt ‘typical’ Father’s Day presents – such as hardware store vouchers and non-fiction books – would be greatly appreciated by a lot of women too.

1. A kitchen appliance ‘reno’.

Okay, so we know not to buy mum a vacuum cleaner… unless she wants one.

But that doesn’t mean all electrical appliances are off the list. Small kitchen appliances are particularly great to help easily up the luxe factor at home.

For example, The Black Classics Collection by Sunbeam is a sophisticated range of kitchen appliances – which nail all of the things: user-friendly and practical, but also look good on their own and even better as a set.

Yep, just look at them together, sure to bring style to any kitchen benchtop. Like a mini kitchen reno that adds spark to the most popular room in the house.

 As well as being a pleasure to use, of course.


Your mum is sure to love any of The Black Classics Collection by Sunbeam, which includes this lovely line-up: Alinea™ Select Kettle & Toasters, a Planetary Mixmaster, an Espresso Machine and a Waffle Maker.

But let’s take a closer look at the Barista Max Espresso Machine and the Shade Select Vertical Waffle Maker from the range.

It's sleek in style, and has a built-in conical burr grinder that delivers fresh tasting coffee with every pour. Well, we're sold.

The machine will also make entertaining easier – perfect for guests when they drop over. (And yes, this includes you. So it’s like an investment in your own future).

The uniquely designed Vertical Waffle Maker in The Black Classics Collection by Sunbeam also has a great novelty factor for dressing a kitchen bench top (and also for making perfect waffles).


Like the Espresso Machine, the Vertical Waffle Maker is designed with smart technologies features such as shade select and an LCD display which provides step-by-step instructions. Who can pass up that sophisticated matte black finish on these appliances? Any item from this collection won't be hiding away in the pantry, that's for sure!

2. Winter staples, but levelled up.

Think a cool tracksuit set, a divine cushy sweater, a glamorous scarf, but make sure it's locally made. Even better if it’s from a small brand, or one that’s carbon neutral/ethically sourced. It’s 2021. Those things matter more than ever, and it will make the gift even more meaningful. 

It will show thought and care.

It doesn’t matter if your gift doesn’t tick all the boxes – it will be infused with the best karma, which no doubt your mum deserves.

Like this jumper from Kip and Co, and robe from Bed Threads.


Another way to level up is to buy something matching with your mum. Yes, it may be a little out there, but she will love it. It can be exactly the same or a slight variation, and she can choose which one she prefers – like this dress from The Good Garment.


3. The stuff she’d never buy for herself.

A new perfume. An indulgent face cream. A stunning fresh lipstick colour. If she’s in a bit of a habit with the items she uses, introduce her to a refresh. Look for something that would suit her, but that she might never buy for herself.

As they say – change is as good as a (non-overseas) holiday.

For example, she might like to try something from Gwyneth Paltrow’s beauty range Goop, which is on the expensive side, but reviewed pretty well, with a huge novelty factor.


Or the much loved Mecca Max Gloss Boss Lip Gloss – a texture and colour your mum may not have tried yet.

Pro tip: check out recent Valentine’s Day edits for extra special beauty products in sets.

4. Greenery that’s perfectly 2021.

In 2021, you don’t have to picture an ‘80s wedding arrangement when you think of long-lasting flowers.

They're perfect for mum to enjoy (and think of you) every time she walks past them. Dried flower arrangements like the ones from Bloom and Dry Co are exquisite.

If your mum is a plant lover, you could brighten her day in a useful way with pots for her plants, like these from Whole Potta Love (who we think you should support for the sheer genius of the name).


5. A streaming subscription will always be a win.

We all know there’s nothing like snuggling up and scrolling your streaming service for hours until you find something to watch. But did you know there are new streaming services coming to Australia all the time and no, they are not all the same!

For example, Shudder is a new-ish service dedicated to horror movie fans, offering original content regularly and bringing back (from the archives) the movies of the past few decades.

Here’s a list of more which you may not know about, and which may be perfect entertainment for your mum, especially knowing it was a gift from her now favourite child.


Disney +

Apple TV +



Pro tip: you could sign your mum up for all of the free trial periods, and then she can decide what she likes. Make sure whatever subscription she keeps, she shares the logins with you! 

Feature Image: Instagram.

This Mothers Day Sunbeam are making every weekend a classic with The Black Classics Collection.