'For Mother's Day, I bought my mum the hair straightener everyone is talking about.'

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I have a confession: I am chronically bad at nailing the gift aspect of Mother’s Day.   

Despite my best efforts, I always end up just missing the mark, or going completely overboard and trying to make everything from scratch – resulting in perhaps the most inedible carrot cake to ever grace planet earth.

To quote my lovely mum, “why do the walnuts look like mushrooms, Katie?” Yes. It was that bad. 

Recently we’ve settled on a steady flow of spa vouchers, which are definitely a winner in the Stow household, but they do lack the excitement of unwrapping something; physically ripping off wrapping paper and tossing ribbon to the side in a festive flurry.

Which is why this year I upped my game and bought my mum the hair straightener everyone is talking about for Mother’s Day: the new Dyson Corrale™ straightener.

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Video via Mamamia.

While I would never, ever classify myself as a beauty buff, I do have the very handy advantage of sitting three desks away from the Mamamia beauty team. I often probe them on what serum I should shove on my face and get them to cross check the order I’m putting on my skincare daily because I’m absolutely certain I’m stuffing it up.

I also check in with them when I have a friend’s birthday to see what I should be buying. But this Mother’s Day I didn’t even need to consult them – because I’ve overheard them chatting non-stop about the Dyson Corrale™ hair straightener for weeks. 

And that, my friends, is code for: BUY THIS THING IMMEDIATELY FOR SOMEONE YOU LOVE. Because you simply cannot go wrong with this level of peer review approval.

So that I did. I took myself off to the shops and nabbed the one.


Famed for its flyaway-free sleekness, cord-free genius and flexing plates (that mean significantly less damage to your strands) and it looks FANCY.

And my mum deserves all the fancy. All of the time.

So this Mother’s Day (well, actually a few days before because she's away on the big day) she finally got to unwrap something special – something that wasn’t just a half-arsed IOU card that painfully reflected my last-minute approach to presents. She got to unwrap the Dyson Corrale™. 

And this was her face when it happened.

Exploding with excitement. Image: Supplied. 


Shook to the core that her lacklustre child pulled a gift of this level out of the bag, this image will remain one of my biggest achievements to date. I shall frame it and hang it in my house. 

Beyond the gratification of mum’s reaction, I am delighted to report that she has become as obsessed with the Dyson Corrale™ as I have with this photo. 

Mum, since dying her hair, has always found that her strands are a little coarser and a tad more 'unruly', so finding a straightener that didn't add to the damage was key. Now, she regularly sends me before and after photos, showing how sleek and healthy her hair is after a 10 minute “whizz around” (her words) with the Dyson Corrale™. 

Smile most definitely included in the gift set. Images: Supplied.  


Mum also now sends me reviews on the reg. I’m not sure whether she thinks I’m part of some sort of product committee, but I’ll take it.

“Normally once my hair has dried naturally, I simply cannot ‘tame’ it again until I wash it. But this thing has done the job for me! Woohoo!”

Mum will alsonot shut up about the fact that it's cord-free. She thinks it's legitimate wizardry to not have a daily battle with your straightener wire and accidentally trip up your husband with it on a regular basis. 

She’s now put the Dyson Corrale™ in pride of place on her dressing table – and while I know she sent this to me because she’s very excited about her new straightener, I couldn’t help but notice that I've been demoted…

That's me in the back. Replaced by the Dyson Corrale. Image: Supplied. 


As it stands, the favourite child is now officially the Dyson Corrale™. Damn. Defeated by a worthy opponent. 

I’m pretty sure based on this evidence that Mum is utterly delighted with her Mother’s Day gift – and I couldn’t be happier to see it. She’s honestly the greatest and deserves so much more than I give her. Like bucket loads more. 

Now I just have to pray to the Dyson gods that they release a new product just in time for next year’s Mother’s Day otherwise the inedible cakes may make a shocking return. 

Feature Image: Supplied.

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