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A mother's precious gift to her daughter on her wedding day.

“Our Dear Little Baby Brooke…”

It is an emotional day for any mother, watching her daughter get married.  But for Sherry Blackledge, it was particularly significant.

Sherry and her husband Craig had tried for years to conceive, before adopting a son, Brian, and 11 years later, a beautiful baby girl, Brooke.

Brooke and her husband Tyler on their wedding day (Image: YouTube via The Film Poets.)

When Brooke was about 18-months-old, her mum wrote her a letter. “Being adopted, I wanted her to know how much I loved her.”

Sherry stitched the letter on a piece of lace from her own wedding dress and gave it to Brooke before she was married.

You can watch moment here (if Mum’s gift doesn’t get you, her brother’s speech will):


If you don’t get a chance to watch the video (and trust us, you should), here’s what the letter said:

December 15, 1994

Our Dear Little Baby Brooke,

As I write this you are sleeping soundly in your baby bed. You are 18 months old.
We just want you to know how very much love and happiness you have brought to us. You have made us a truly great family. A little precious baby girl to me and Daddy and a baby sister to Brian.
Before me and Daddy were married we always said we wanted a little boy and a little girl. When we were dating, we said if we had a little girl she would be a little Brooke. You are our little Baby Brooke.
Brooke, we just want you to know that you are very special to us and that God picked you extra special and he sent you to Mommy, Daddy and Brian.
We love you,
Mommy and Daddy

Sherry had kept that letter for over 20 years.

“I thought it would be extremely precious when she opened it up and read it on her wedding day,” she said

And boy was it.

“I thought it would be extremely precious when she opened it up and read it on her wedding day.” (Image: YouTube via The Film Poets)

Brooke absolutely loved it.

The sob-worthy moment, as well is the whole stunning wedding were captured by videographers The Film Poets.

So much love. All of the tears. Someone pass the tissues.

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