"I began shouting "yes, yes, yes!": Woman tells of how she had the best orgasm of her life while giving birth.

Some women walk a lot while in labour.

Up and down the corridor, trying to focus on their breathing.

Some roll on Swiss balls counting as they wait for the sensation to pass.

Others, well they have sex supposedly and then the “biggest orgasm of their life” while giving birth.

Who knew?

Shortly after her baby made its way down the birth canal, she began shouting 'Yes, yes, yes!'. Via IStock.

British mother, Sangeeta Freeman, 42,  from Devon has told Press Association that the birth of her now 16-year-old son was the most pleasurable experience of her life.

The now midwife says that halfway through the 27-hour labour she even had sex with her husband.

“Although there wasn't much space inside me, it was just about manageable, and very pleasurable indeed,” she said.

“The love I felt for my partner felt truly profound and deep.”

She says that during her pregnancy she had read about orgasmic labours and she was keen to explore having a natural birth – one she initially planned on having at home but she was advised during her labour to go to hospital.

"I didn't want one of these quick labours," she said. "I wanted one I would remember. And it was definitely that."

Sangeeta Freeman Via Facebook.

After being at the hospital for three hours Freeman says she felt intense surges of pleasure, signalling the start of her orgasmic birth.

She has told of how shortly after her baby made its way down the birth canal, she began shouting 'Yes, yes, yes!'.

"Surges of pleasure" shot through her just moments before her newborn arrived.

"I felt like I was opening up and there was no stopping it, it was absolutely incredible," she said.

"It was painful, but at the same time there were surges which were totally sensual."


Freeman has said it was "like pleasure and pain merged into one. I couldn't say which was stronger - pleasure or pain."

"Then from out of nowhere I began shouting 'Yes, yes, yes!'"

"It felt like the best feeling in the world, a powerful and primal feeling that felt exhilarating and deeply significant, far more pleasurable than just an orgasm."

She says "It felt like the best feeling in the world." Via IStock.

The journals Sexologies reported in 2013 that midwives witnessing orgasms in about 0.3 percent of births.

In a recent post on masturbation during labour Debra Pascali-Bonaro, pioneer and crusader for orgasmic birth, said,  “It’s such a culture where some women actually feel shamed that they have pleasure, because the expectation is pain,”

“We have to change that.”

Freeman who now works as a midwife has written of her birth:

“Words fail to adequately express the one feeling I had which was an all encompassing blend of love, surprise, wonder, joy, relief and more. I instinctively scooped him up and put him straight onto my body where he belonged where without hesitation he was introduced to what would quickly become his two best friends, ie. my breasts….To be touching his warm, wet, slippery body with my own raw nakedness and to smell his body, fresh from the hidden space within my own body was something I will never forget.

Freeman has said that she didn’t use an “technique to bring about her orgasmic birth, but deep relaxation.

Her son is now 16, and as she says a teenager “fascinated by robotics, adept at creating interesting 3D art and who knows more about technology and computers than many adults.”

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