Mother sues hospital in Victoria for costs of raising son after failed termination.

A 23-year-old woman is suing her doctor and the public health system for hundreds and thousands after a botched termination left her with a son she did not want.

The woman claims she has suffered psychological trauma and unwanted costs after her termination failed and doctors did not pick up the continued pregnancy in subsequent visits.

The failed termination led to the birth of a son “Cooper” in April 2014.

The failed termination led to the birth of a son “Cooper” in April 2014. Image via IStock.

In August 2013, the woman, who was then 20, went to her local GP in country Victoria after she discovered she was pregnant.

The young woman had decided not to continue the pregnancy and asked the GP for a termination.

The woman was referred to her local hospital where she was to undergo a surgical termination.

Two days after the termination a report by the hospital found a pathology sample taken as part of the termination procedure showed no foetal parts or other remnants of the pregnancy reports The Herald Sun.

But she says a month later she returned to her GP feeling tenderness and a prickling sensation in her lower abdomen.

The pathology report showed the abortion was completed. Image via IStock.

The GP referred her for another blood test, but not for an ultrasound. Three days later, she returned, still “feeling a bit sick”. The blood test showed elevated levels of human chorionic gonadotrophin, a hormone produced when you're pregnant.

The woman claims that after this visit she should have been given an ultrasound to “see if the uterus and surrounding tubes were empty of pregnancy”.

In failing to do so, she says her GP and the hospital were negligent and in breach of the duty of care they owed her.

In early December, the woman went back again and had a further blood test that showed her levels of human chorionic gonadotrophin were still elevated.

It was not until five days later that she had the ultrasound and to her shock it revealed a 20-week-old foetus.

In court documents the woman claims that on three occasions after the surgical termination, the hospital and her GP ignored signs she might still be pregnant.

She claims that the unwanted costs of raising a son she did not plan for will amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Image via IStock.

She is claiming for compensation for pain and suffering as well as medical expenses associated with the pregnancy and birth and for being “exposed to the cost of supporting and raising Cooper”.

In a statement of claim lodged with the Supreme Court she also seeks an unspecified sum for loss and damage she has suffered, including an adjustment disorder with depressed mood, depression and psychological trauma.

She claims that the unwanted costs of raising a son she did not plan for, nor want will amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars including feeding, clothing, housing, schooling, out-of-school activities such as sport and music, and medical and transport expenses.

The 23-year-old claims that it was the negligence of her GP and hospital that caused the pregnancy to continue.

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