Mother-Of-The-Year Chapter 142

So I'm totally rocking out to Kings of Leon. Which is surprising because I am usually more of a cheesy pop type of girl. But lately I've been going a bit rock. I cannot get Kings Of Leon off my ipod and I'm about to burn a hole in the disc playing in my car. Loving it sick.
Luca – who is 11 – also loves.
So we're driving somewhere with the music LOUD and it suddenly occurs to me that my son and I are singing: "THIS SEX IS ON FI-IRE……"'
And that is kinda inappropriate, yes? Or doesn't it matter because they're just song words and no one really knows what song words ever mean anyway…? And also? At least it's not misogynist black rap like, you know, Kanye's Gold Digger. Catchy? Sure. Bad message for the kiddies? Yesiree. Does Luca have this on his ipod and do we also sing along? Um, yes, Ok, actually yes. Bad but true.

It's not the first time I have fallen foul of the parenting police over songs. A few months ago when one Luca's friends told him about a song and he mentioned it to me and I surprised his socks off by saying "I KNOW THAT SONG!"
And then suggesting we download it from itunes so we could listen to it and have a laugh together.
That song is after the jump. Maybe you remember it too…'s a little bit rude but extremely catchy….

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