Legendary mother live tweets son's pro-abstinence sex ed class.

This mother’s live-tweets of her son’s sex-ed class has gone viral.

When Alice Dreger sat in on her son’s high school sex education class this week, she was outraged.

So Dreger – a medical humanities and bioeithics professor at Northwestern University, author and super cool mum – live-tweeted the whole pro-abstinence lesson from the back of the room.

mother live tweets son's sex ed class
The legendary Professor Alice Dreger. Image via Twitter.

The class involved horror stories about pre-marital sex leading to depraved and destructive lifestyles, the unreliability of contraception and this take-away message: GOOD GIRLS SAY NO.

Here are some of the highlights…


Then came the paper baby disaster demonstration…


Yep, even the boys.

Her tweets went viral and have caused a stir back in her hometown of East Lansing, Michigan.

Dreger – who wrote about her experience – said she hoped her experience would encourage other parents to look critically at the sex education their teens are receiving at school, according to the Huffington Post.


“I’m incredibly glad this happened because it is causing a useful national movement of parents planning to audit what is REALLY being taught to their kids,” Dreger said.

“Forget what the curriculum says. Find out what’s true. In our school’s case, I discovered what’s really being taught is ‘good girls say no; bad girls say yes’ and ‘1 in 6 times you have sex with a condom you’ll get pregnant.'”

Now, she says she has been banned from the school because of her “potty mouth”. 

It looks like that might be the last time they let a parent in to observe a class.

To see the live tweets in full, click here.        

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