Onlookers 'appalled' after mother lets son wee in cup while they're eating in food court.

All mothers know toilet training can be hard but one mum’s approach has left witnesses “appalled”.

The mother was dining in a shopping centre food court when she let her toddler wee in a plastic cup, reports Kidspot.

A “horrified” witness uploaded photos of the incident online  – which were taken in Krasnodar in Russia.

According to Kidspot, one commenter said: “Even animals do not pee next to the place they eat, what did this woman think of when she decided to hold a cup next to her son’s pee.”

Reports say the mother had been drinking from the cup. Image via iStock.

“I wonder if the boy wanted to do number two, would she let him do it at the food court too? By putting a newspaper on a plate? Wild people,” another added.

It is not the first time there has been a row over toilet etiquette.

A Brisbane mother was asked to leave a cafe after she changed her 12-week-old daughter’s nappy on a table.

The mother was outraged after being told she had crossed the line when she changed her baby’s nappy twice on the dining table

The woman gave the cafe a “one star” review on Google.

"Their coffee is near perfection. That's where the positive review ends," she said.

The cafe owner told the woman she didn't think it was appropriate. Via Facebook.

“As a mother of a newborn baby (12 weeks old!), I was treated very poorly by the woman who I assume is the manager.”

The new mother said it was her only solution as there were no public restrooms.

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