"My MIL refuses to come to our wedding."

Weddings are hard to plan.

Dealing with Mother-in-laws can be hard too.

But when your MIL doesn’t agree with your wedding plans, you get to a whole new level of hard.

A woman has taken to Reddit to explain that her MIL refuses to go to her wedding because her maid of honour is a lesbian.

She sounds like a monster-in-law.

The bride-to-be goes by the name of, Hannahsthrowawaygayb and explains her situation clearly.

"I've of course chosen my maid-of-honour to be my best friend. I love my best friend to pieces. This girl is like my rock and honestly, we have gotten each other through some of the toughest times in our lives," she writes.

"My best friend is gay and is a really butch lesbian, so no way in hell was I going to get her in a dress to be a bridesmaid. That's completely fine with me. We were planning to get her a suit the colour of the bridesmaid dresses and she was cool with it. I don't want her to feel uncomfortable throughout the whole day in a dress as I want everyone to have a good time," the bride-to-be continues.

The distressed future bride explains that her MIL is a very conservative and traditional lady who is extremely religious. Being from the city, the Reddit user was worried her and her MIL wouldn't get along when they first met. But they've found common ground and have become friends.

Maybe it was something a little like this (Post continues after the video)....

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The MIL raised this woman's finacee (the groom-to-be) as a single mum because her husband died in an accident.


"I respect the hell out of her for that," Hannahsthrowawaygayb writes.

But that doesn't mean her situation isn't difficult.

When bride-to-be told her MIL that she was struggling to find a suit the same colour as the bridesmaids dresses, MIL just laughed and asked why she would need a suit in the same colour. When daughter-in-law explained the situation - about her best friend being a lesbian and not comfortable in a dress - MIL lost it.

"Her face literally dropped when I explained my friend was a lesbian. At first she asked if I had any other friends that could replace her in the bridal party and - confused why she asked that - I innocently said no and asked her why (thinking that she was just going to say it's a hassle to get the suit)," the Reddit user explains.

The MIL lost it.

"She got furious and said it wasn't right that my friend be in the bridal party as we were having a religious ceremony. She said that my friend would ruin the whole wedding by being there and that I should remove my friend from the bridal party altogether."

Not happy about her MIL's response, the bride-to-be erupted.

"I exploded at my mother in law. I basically said that my best friend is like my sister and I'm not going to let you talk sh*t about her while she's not here to defend herself," bride wrote.

"She's a lovely person and if you weren't so judgemental maybe you would realise this instead of looking at her with a clouded view. It doesn't matter that she's gay, she's just a normal person to me and I love her like a sister regardless f whether she's gay or not. There is no way I am kicking her out of my bridal party."

It's a tough one.

MIL did not take this well and retaliated with a lot of yelling back. Ultimately mother dearest said she won't attend the wedding if there is a lesbian in the bridal party.

The bride-to-be is distraught and confused about what to do. She refuses to kick her friend out of the wedding party, but knows her future husband will be devastated if his mother - the woman who single handedly raised him - isn't there.

She's asking for help.

What do you think she should do?

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