This woman caught her MIL doing the unthinkable, but her husband doesn't agree.


Oh mother-in-laws.

A constant source of horror stories and hilarious internet fodder.

Sure, some people get along with their in-laws famously, but there’s a huge population of people who… don’t.

One woman aired her MIL grievance on the parenting forum Mumsnet, and it’s received quite the reaction.

The woman had suspicions her MIL had been going through her things when alone in her and her husband’s home.

As it transpired, she was correct, and understandably, very annoyed.

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But her husband didn’t agree. Instead, he was upset his wife had “set traps” to catch his mother out.

“I’m fuming but feel validated,” the post began.

“MIL and I don’t get on.”

“Husband asked her to come and check on our fish when away for a long weekend. I have previously suspected MIL has looked through my things when she’s been here but had no proof,” the woman wrote.


After setting up her chest of drawers in a way that only she would know had been tampered with, the woman’s suspicions were proven.

“Came home to find that they have been completely moved around, all documents out of their order, content of files all over the place, etc.

“I’m fuming but feel validated that I’m not paranoid!”

After telling her husband, the woman said he did not agree that they should confront his mother about her actions, and was instead disappointed in his wife for “setting traps”.

“I said I did it because she has blatantly been through our things and needed proof, which I have,” she said.

Among the replies on the thread were people agreeing that her husband should “grow a backbone and confront his mother”, but there were also several suggestions on how to mess with his mother next time she goes rifling through drawers.

Some suggested putting notes telling her to ‘f*ck off’ in her usual snooping spots, while one suggested leaving immigration papers around to “give her something to worry about”.

But our favourite was the suggestion that she should hide kinky sex toys around the house for her MIL to stumble upon.


That’ll teach her.

What do you think? Would you expect your husband to confront his mother for going through your things? Let us know in the comments below.

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