"I told my mother-in-law not to cut my baby's hair but she returned home with a new beanie."

A mother has been left shaking with anger after her mother-in-law went behind her back to get her baby’s hair cut – and then tried to cover it up with a beanie.

Posting on UK site Mumsnet, user Foxandthehound explained her 17-month-old daughter was born with a lot of hair but by six weeks old it had fallen out. It soon grew back “thick, incredibly curly and a beautiful blonde colour”.

“I was in love with her hair,” she wrote, “[My husband and I] weren’t planning on cutting her hair for a while. We were going to let it grow out.”

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Although her husband’s stepmother kept suggesting the baby get a trim to help the hair grow faster, the couple decided not to follow the advice as the hair “was growing quite well already”.

Thinking the issue was well and truly behind them, the woman wasn’t the least bit suspicious when her daughter returned home from a day out with her grandmother with a brand new beanie.

“I asked [mother-in-law] where the hat came from and she looked sheepish and said she bought it as a gift,” the woman wrote.

Assuming it was because the weather had recently turned chilly, the woman thanked her mother-in-law but was surprised when she left in quite the hurry.


“I started removing [daughter’s] outwear. I finally got to pulling her hat off and I was gobsmacked. All her curly hair is GONE! It wasn’t a trim, all her hair is complete gone,” the fuming woman wrote.

She rang her MIL, who immediately answered and started apologising profusely.

“She said the hairdresser took too much off. I told her I didn’t agree to getting her haircut, so she was way out of order for taking her for even just a trim,” the woman wrote.

You’d think at this point the MIL would be doing everything to get back in the good books of her daughter-in-law… but it somehow gets worse.

The mum asked if she’d at least saved a curl for her to keep from her daughter’s first ever haircut.

“I’ve told her before that when she has her first haircut, I wanted to keep a lock of hair,” she wrote.

The dear mother-in-law’s response?

“She said she only got one lock, but that was for her to keep, not me.”


The woman ended her post by stating: “I’m probably completely overreacting [but] I’m just so mad!”

But commenters were actually in furious agreement that the woman was, indeed, not overreacting.

“You are not overreacting. I’m not precious about hair bit that is outrageous,” one wrote.

“She’s marking her territory,” replied another,”Cut her loose.”

“Awful behaviour. I would not let her have unsupervised contact,” another commented.

“She is keeping the only lock of hair? That is outrageous. I would never speak to her again,” another wrote.

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