'I didn't think I could trust my partner's mum. She proved me right.'

Ever scroll TikTok mindlessly? Us too, and we recently discovered one of the most... uncomfortable videos we've seen in a while over on the platform.

TikTok user Nelly uses her account to share family related content to her almost 800,000 followers. The videos are often lighthearted takes on motherhood and life with her husband Josh — but one piece of content has caught the attention of the online community for negative reasons.

The video at the centre of the attention was filmed as a prank call to her mother-in-law to test how honest she is.

"Showing my husband why I don't trust his mum," Nelly captioned the video, which is shot with the married couple sitting together in a car.

Nelly dials her mother-in-law, Tina, while her husband sits quietly, listening in.

"I'm just out right now and Josh isn't answering the phone," Nelly says to her MIL down the line. "He said he was at home with you with the kids. Can you put him on for me?"

Watch: Prank on mother-in-law goes awry. Story continues below.

Video via TikTok/nellesworld.

And it turns out that Tina has quite the poker face.


"Ah, he's busy right now with the kids in the pool," she says. "I can't put him on, stop being so needy."

And what in the gaslighting...?

Tina doesn't miss a beat, covering for her son and telling Nelly he's too busy in the pool with the kids to come to the phone — even though he is there with Nelly. 

Meanwhile, Josh is wildly fist-pumping and celebrating his mum's calm and collected cover-up. And honestly, it's kind of... off??... that he's so thrilled to discover his mother would quite happily lie on his behalf, with absolutely no knowledge of a situation. 

As the call goes on and Nelly pushes a little harder for Tina to get Josh to come to the phone, it becomes quite clear that the 'joke' has turned into something more serious for Nelly, who's visibly disappointed at her mother-in-law's reaction. 

Although, to be fair, she did preface this whole thing by saying she doesn't trust Tina so, there's that.

Tina goes on to tell to Nelly to "give the guy a break", insisting she's being "needy" and if this isn't textbook gaslighting, we're not sure what is.

Josh keeps fist pumping, showing he's one heck of a guy. 

When Nelly disconnects the call, she's clearly disturbed, while Josh simply shouts, "Let's go!"

The video — which has been viewed 9.5 million times — has left a sour taste in the mouths of viewers. And, because it is the internet after all, people have been forthcoming with their opinions. 


Basically, they all told Nelly to leave her husband.

"omg and you stay!!!!??? HOW," wrote influencer Tana Mongeau.

"His reaction is actually so gross. Ew. Girl you deserve so much better than this," wrote another user.

"Your husband's behaviour is utterly disappointing and a disgrace to you and simply speaking, gross," said another. "Beyond acceptable. With such a husband and mother-in-law you truly do not need enemies."

"I hope paid attention your husband's reaction," wrote another user. "I l literally teared up for you."

"Aghhhh you can just tell she's had to cover for him before! said another. "God I'd love to see if he'd be so happy for his daughter to cop this one day from a mother-in-law."

The comments go on and on. And while often you'll find a pretty healthy debate in the comments section of TikTok videos like this, the people chiming in this time are unanimous in their disdain for both Josh and his mother.

Nelly probably found out a lot more than she was bargaining for when she set out to make a prank video, and the internet has spoken. We'll be sitting here patiently waiting for the part two video to drop.

Feature Image: TikTok/@nellesworld

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