Gold Coast anti-vax mum warns other parents after giving whooping cough to her own baby.

A Queensland mother has expressed regret for not vaccinating herself against whooping cough, after her baby contracted the potentially fatal disease.

In a video posted to the Gold Coast Health’s Facebook page, the former anti-vaxxer told of the “nightmare” her little daughter Eva has endured over the past few weeks.

“Within two weeks the cough became very scary, a horror movie, turning blue, going floppy in my hands, running to hospital,” she says.

“I was offered the injection in week 28,” she says. “Being the healthy, fit organic woman that I am I said ‘leave me alone’, I said ‘I don’t need this crap’.” Yet with just a couple of weeks out from her due date, whooping cough took hold.

“I got over it very quick, it was not it was nothing for me,” she said. “But [Eve] is into week four and every hour I have to stay here watch her going blue, watch her go blue, watch her cry, and give her oxygen.

“She is my only child and if I could turn back time I would have protected myself, so that’s my message.”

Whooping cough vaccinations are available free for pregnant women across Australia.