This awkward text exchange between a mum and son reminds us why spelling is so important.


Hands up if you’ve ever accidentally sent a risque text to a parent that was meant for a friend, or, worse yet…your partner.

Hands up if you wanted the earth to open up and swallow you whole afterwards.


Well, this is worse. Much, much worse.

Scottish man Dylan Heggie accidentally told his mum he had a sexually transmitted infection and we want to know whether you can die from second-hand embarrassment.

Dylan developed a stye under his eye and consulted Dr Mum for remedies via text, mistakenly referring to it as a ‘sti’. Oh, Dylan.

His mother, clearly concerned, proceeded to ask questions and we bet those questions made Dylan want to destroy his phone by means of fire.

Quizzing him about the infection, his mother asked “Is it on your willy or your testicles?” and I’m sorry but we are done.

Behold the full text thread below while we hide under our desks from the cringe:


A shocker indeed.

Dylan’s Tweet has gone viral because cruel humans of the internet find pleasure in the suffering of others.

We hope he uses Google next time.