Christie adopted 35 children in 30 years - including 26 with special needs.

A woman from the US adopted 35 children over three decades, after having two children of her own.

The Jamesons, from Utah, adopted 26 children with special needs during that time, reports People.

Christie Jameson, 73, is currently caring for 11 disabled children at home – including six with serious heart defects.

“All kids deserve a real home of their own and I just couldn’t bear the thought of my kids going into institutions,” Jameson told People.

“In my heart, I knew there was always room for one more. And I know there must be other people out there who would do the very same.”

Jameson is now a single mother after losing her husband, Alva, to cancer in 2009.

“We didn’t go looking for our family — most of them came to us, once the word got out that we would take the kids nobody else wanted,” says Jameson.

Jameson took in children who had Down Syndrome, spina bifida, cerebral palsy and fetal alcohol syndrome and others children with shorter life expectancy.

 “Of the 35 we took in, we’ve lost 12,” she told People.

“Every time, it’s heart-wrenching, but if I had to do it all over again, I would.

“They deserved every happiness they could get in the short time that they were here. They brought a lot of joy into my life.”

The 73-year-old said it has been an “honour” to be a mother to 35 children.

“Alva worked as an accountant, and for 15 years, I cleaned toilets and mopped floors at our church to bring in a little extra to augment his salary,” she said.

“We’ve always made our own meals and lived a very simple life. But it’s been a good life, a happy life. Nobody has ever gone wanting.”

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