Here's the 10 most binge-watched shows of 2018 and yep, we've binged them all. 

We all love a good Netflix binge – and no, we don’t mean the ‘Netflix and chill‘ kind.

We mean watching at least four episodes of a series in a row, in a single sitting. That’s the definition of a ‘binge’ – according to American website TV Time.

So, in 2018, which TV shows did watchers consume like a packet of never-ending Tim Tams? TV Time collected data from approximately one million people who use its app regularly to track the shows they’re watching – and then collated it into a list.

NBC’s Friends might be 20 years old, but the possibility of it being removed from US Netflix most likely helped it to top the list, with the TV Time community watching nearly 7.5 million episodes.

Three Netflix originals made the binge list, as did shows with strong millennial followings. So if you’re looking for something to binge watch through Christmas until New Year’s, here’s the list (that is, if you haven’t already watched these a million times already):

1. Friends

Image: NBC

2. Grey's Anatomy


3. 13 Reasons Why

Image: Netflix

4. Money Heist

Image: Netflix

5. Riverdale

Image: CW TVN

6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Image: Fox

7. The 100

Image: CW TVN

8. Orange is the New Black

Image: Netflix

9. The Big Bang Theory

Image: CBS

10. Pretty Little Liars

Image: Freeform

Did you binge watch any of these shows this year? Tell us in the comments below.