Google has revealed the 4 most popular hair trends we're searching for now.

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A sure-fire way to figure out what hair trends are about to boom? Ask trusty Google what people are looking for.

The search engine has just released their first ever beauty report with everything you need to know about the trends that shall be adorning your head soon.

1. Braids are back.

The braid obsession is going absolutely nowhere. From dutch and halo braids to french and even Mohawk braids, the style is making up a lot of your searches.

Thanks to celebrities like Beyonce, the most searched for variations are box braids and goddess braids. (Post continues after video.)

2. The “lob” lives on.

We’ve seen plenty of celebrities take the scissors to their hair this year (most recently Khloe Kardashian) so we’re not surprised that searches for lobs have increased by 171 per cent this year.

But perhaps the biggest hair trends to captivate people this year is the Taylor Swift-esque “shag haircut“, with searches up by 255 per cent. We’re holding Lara Worthington personally responsible for this.

3. Top knots.

Well this is just wonderful. Everyone’s favourite lazy day hairstyle has been dubbed a ‘seasonal riser’, meaning it’s a safe bet trend that’s set to stick around. Perfect for hiding a multitude of sins, you can also consider it’s equally-as-simple sister, the half bun(Post continues after gallery.)


 4. Colourful hair

Nope, the rainbow hair trend doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. However, there’s one colour in particular that people are seeking out over others – purple. And they’re looking for pictures of Katy Perry and Nicole Richie as inspiration.

Trends that are out.

Lovers of the sock or doughnut bun, we're sorry to say that it's on a steady decline (obviously people have ditched them for the top knot, right?).

Fishtail braids have been ousted by more detailed designs. The grey/silver trend has seen a big drop in searches too. 2015 also marks the end of the dramatic side swept fringe. Out with the old, in with the new.

What do you think of the results?

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