This is what happened in the health and beauty world this week

A foundation with 12,000 women on its wait list. The return of the buzzcut. The workout that’s 100% free.

It’s been a surprising, fascinating week in health and beauty news.

Just in case you missed it, we, the team from Mamamia’s new website The Glow, are here to catch you up. After all, it’s our job to keep across all things health and beauty.

Here are the stories that got us talking this week:

Oh, you want this? You’re the 12,000th person in line.

12,000 women are on the wait list for this foundation. And it hasn’t even gone on sale yet  So why all the hype? Well, it’s been created using space-age technology. Space-age, you guys.

The ultimate low-maintenance haircut is having a moment. Grab your electric razors, ladies – the buzzcut it on its way back. And when you see which celebrities are embracing the buzz, you might be tempted to go there too.

The winter washing mistake you might be making. Site producer Kahla confessed to a professional ‘clean person’ that she always wears scarves, beanies and gloves but never washes them. This is how that conversation ended.

The free fitness event that will get you addicted to running. Want to stay fit, but not spend any money? You need to get involved in parkrun, a free event that’s held all over Australia.  Our fitness editor Nat is obsessed. Speaking of Nat, she also provided us with these 6 super-clever ideas to help you drink more water. Because you can’t chug eight glasses in one go.

“How I got my period back after seven years without it”: Our readers loved – and overwhelmingly related to – this personal story from writer Amy Molloy.

Clare Bowditch’s top 5 beauty products: We love her on Offspring, so we were stoked when the lovely Clare Bowditch let us peek inside her makeup bag.

This smokey eye how-to video for women 40+ is brilliant: Watch and learn.

5 ways to drink less without changing your lifestyle: This week we learned 15 Australians die every day from alcohol-related illnesses. Although nobody wants to life an alcohol-free life, it’s important to know how to manage your intake – these useful, realistic tips will help.

The hair invention you do not need… or do you? Our office is completely divided about whether this two-in-one invention is genius or moronic. We’d love to hear what you think.

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