What the British are calling their babies.

We may be all the way into August of 2015, but the English Office for National Statistics has just released the most popular baby names chosen by parents in 2014.

But look, they did a very very thorough job.

Not only did they go through the birth certificates to find out the most popular baby names in the country (England and Wales), they also broke it down into regions and cities.

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Surprisingly, there were a few differences.

The most popular baby names in England. Image via iStock.

While Australia and England shared the top baby boy's name, their number one girl's name is our number five.

TAP on the image below to scroll through the gallery and find out the top 10 baby names for England and Wales. 


With a few exceptions, we are pretty well on par with British mums and dads. Here is what our top 2014 baby names were according to McCrindle's latest data.

The boys...

1. Oliver

2. William

3. Jack

4. Noah

5. Jackson/Jaxon/Jaxson

6. Thomas

7. Lucas

8. James

9. Alex/Alexander

10. Ethan

The girls...

1. Olivia

2. Charlotte

3. Mia

4. Ava

5. Amelia

6. Emily

7. Sofia/Sophia

8. Sophie

9. Chloe

10. Ruby

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What was even more interesting is that the top baby names for the city of London are markedly different to the rest of Britain.

TAP on the image below to scroll through the gallery and find out the top 10 baby names for London. 

Now before you start wondering, "where's Charlotte", you have to remember, these parents weren't aware that the Duchess of Cambridge would call her daughter Princess Charlotte. So it will be interesting to see what the Kate-effect will have next year.

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Meanwhile, This Local London has reported that many English and Welsh parents are taking inspiration from the popular TV series, Game of Thrones.

244 girls were called Arya and 53 were called Khaleesi last year, while there were 18 Theons and 17 Tyrions.

Khaleesi, Arya, Tyrion and Theon. Images via IMDB.

What do you think of the names?